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There are 27 or 28 sectors along the ecliptic. The movement of the lunar constellations and that of the moon is depicted through Nakshatra.

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  • Magha – the bountiful.

According to Indian astronomy, it takes about 2. Therefore, for completing one full cycle, the moon takes days. In classical Hindu scriptures like Harivamsa and Mahabharata, the Nakshatra creation is attributed to Daksha. It is interesting to know that people in the Magha Nakshatra are diligent and have a tendency of working quite hard.

Category: Nakshatra Characteristics

Business is not a good career option for these people as they are quite straightforward. However, other kinds of professions are suitable for them letting them earn excellent designation and good amounts of money as well. Most people in this Nakshatra look to be their bosses and hence being self-employed is the best choice for them. Switching jobs frequently is a common trait in these people, and they will keep on doing it until they are satisfied.

Some prominent career options for these people would include historians, judges, politician, lawyer, actor, musicians, managers, heads of corporations etc. Jothishi , Nakshatra. About Chitra Nakshatra Numbering 14 out of the 28 Hindu nakshatras, the Chitra nakshatra coincides with the zodiac sign of Libra and falls within the…. What is Nakshatra?

Characteristics of Ardra Nakshatra

Nakshatras are lunar constellations as per Vedic astrology. It is said that the nakshatras play a direct role in manifesting the expressions….

Hasta Nakshatra

The Swati Nakshatra…. What are nakshatras? Lucky Colour: Blood Red. Lucky Number : 9. Lucky Stone: Diamond. Guna: Rajas. Dosh: Pitta. Element: Earth. Animal Symbol: Elephant. Born under Bharani nakshatra males appeared very strong.

Results of birth in Various Nakshatras

Most often they are not liked by people because of their sharp tongue. He does not like to butter other people to get what he wants. Bharani males are very clever and arrogant. He will not bow down to others for any cause. He is the maker of himself. He has good knowledge of everything, which is why he prosper in public life. He faces many ups and downs in life. Health : He is prone to diseases connected with blood, blood cancer, jaundice, urinary disorders, blood sugar, tuberculosis, respiratory problems, paralysis and throat trouble. Physical Features : She is beautiful.

Her eyes are very attractive. She is of medium height and fair complexion.

Transit MOON in Aspects to Natal SATURN

Character and general events : She is well behaved and well dressed. Like the males, females born in Rohini, are also short tempered and invite troubles. She is practical, secretive and violent when instigated. She earns from oils, milk, hotels, paddy fields and as a dress maker. Middle level education is indicated for her. Family life : Her family life will be good. She will have the comfort of her husband and children in full.

Transit MOON in Aspects to Natal SATURN

She must curb the tendency of stubbornness for a harmonial married life. She must avoid doubting her own husband as otherwise marriage may end in divorce. Health : Her health will generally be good. She will have pain in the legs and feet, pain in the breast, sometimes breast cancer, irregular menses and sore throat, pimples and swelling above the neck. Positive Traits: Lovely appearance, charismatic, good communicator and listener, attractive, inner strength, affects others, strong public life, gentle manner, comforting, truthful, moral orientation, smooth talker, sharp, balanced mind, fixed in purpose, well educated, does well financially, dutiful to the family, responsible, helps others, gifted in the arts, healthy, non-envious.

Negative Traits: Indulgent, materialistic, takes advantage of others through manipulation and deception, sexually or sensually indulgent, critical of others, possessive of individuals or ideology, jealous, overly sensitive, changeable, addictive and indecisive.

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  4. Career Interests: Politics, authority positions, agriculture, real estate, restaurant and hotel business, fashion designers, models and musicians. Compatibility and Incompatibility: Mrigasira Nakshatra symbolized by the creative source of a female snake is the most compatible Nakshatra with regard to Rohini.