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Why am I posting about today and the fourth blood moon eclipse? Because today is the day that is said to be when the First Wave of Ascension will have been completed, so says powerful teacher, Matt Kahn. Now, Matt was given the date by higher beings and his higher self, and only later heard about the coincident fourth red moon.

You may or may not experience anything unusual. I do think that this may be a critical mass of some sort for our New Earth, and am happily awaiting what may happen in the next few days and weeks. What time will the eclipse happen? I found a real good page on al. And here is an excerpt of the times:. CDT Sunday in Alabama and hit peak fullness at p. The next total lunar eclipse that will be visible in the United States will be on Jan. Here you have three very different styles of readers to tell you about the meaning of the eclipse. I hope one resonates with you. For you reading the email, the titles are links.

Categories: New Earth. Reblogged this on Intuitive Voyage and commented: I did not miss it. Like nearly all power days, I got sleepy.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

I slept starting at 7pm to 10pm EST not knowing the timing of the Eclipse. I figured it would be later. I ate the apple grateful for the money to buy an organic apple, and hoped for more abundance to be able to buy more organic food. I drank the Chai apologizing to all the animals in suffering due to Factory Farming.

I honored there sacrifice to take on a live of suffering to provide me with nurturance.

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I hoped the technology to Scientifically grow meat would be successful, and that soon a technology to Scientifically grow milk was created. I asked that these be organic processes, and not filled with chemicals. So that those who had cows were only those who respected them. So that the ability to produce milk would no longer result in suffering. Still, I am sure traditional farmers will continue to love their animals who have helped humanity throughout history.

There will still be cows, but not suffering ones like now. Mars is in a tough placement with the Sun, and yet, this is a strong indicator of action applied well.

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  4. You may have to work twice as hard right now to get what you want but that does not mean it's mission impossible. Sometimes that's the beauty of a Moon in Leo that is harmonizing with the Sun today. The Moon in Leo brings courage, inner fortitude, strength and boldness. With five planets in fire signs today, you're bound to feel the go-getter in you ignited. Although there are moments that may not feel so lucky, you can rest assured that the reshifting of circumstances in your life have long term good fortune potential. To find out more, look for your zodiac sign below to find out what's in store for you, according to your astrological forecast and horoscope, for today, Tuesday, November 28, Aries, the Moon in Leo opens your passion and desire to have fun, explore and to be more open and receptive to affection.

    You may decide to forgo what's mundane and ordinary for rolling up your sleeves and getting involved hands on. Taurus, today's Moon may make you want to focus and pay close attention to your home. You may find it satisfying to do things that start to build a home that's comfortable and secure. You may find it easier to stay home as opposed to being out and about today. It's a good day to bake cookies and just enjoy the great indoors. Gemini, speak up. Today, is a wonderful day for you to get what you need off your chest and to share what's on your mind.

    It may have been tough to hold in what you feel inside and now you can open your heart up in a nice or not so nice way. Cancer, how you spend your time may have something to do with the accessibility of resources that are accessible to you at this time. You may be concerned with the physical and tangible today.

    TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

    Saving money vs. Leo, you are in a positive position today where love and romance open up to you from the inside out. You may find it easier to dabble into dating again, if you're single. If you've been keeping to yourself, it's a wonderful day to test the waters out again to see who bites. Virgo, you may find out things you did not know regarding your skill sets and resources that position you in a powerful way. You may find that you are more resourceful and resilient than you had once imagined.

    Libra, a soft spot that can bring out the best in you this week? You may find spending time with others fulfilling, inspiring and even stimulating. Listening to the stories of others and using it as a learning experience can bring out the best in you. Scorpio, working towards a goal may require some creative planning. Make the time and space to do some out of the box thinking to help you tap into a creative part of your inner spirit.