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For you, adventure awaits. Libra, you are going to find that listening to your past history will help you make positive decisions in the future.

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This will help you move on to something new and exciting and not get stuck wallowing in the past. Scorpio, you are going to stay humble, even if you are in a high position of power. Humility is something everyone needs to have because without it, you are going to feel shallow and your ego will take the best of you. Sagittarius, you are going to find that starting something new is going to bring new light to your life. You are going to find the strength to work through anything that comes your way and you won't let any situation debilitate you from achieving your goals.

Capricorn, you need to give your trust to the person in your life who resembles the moon. You are going to find guidance in this person and you will not be able to hide your true feelings, so don't even try keeping anything locked away. Aquarius, you are going to take a small break as a couple. You need the time alone to reignite that spark you felt at the beginning of your relationship.

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Don't lose that feeling by being on top of each other all of the time because it will not help your relationship last forever. Pisces, you need to put your fear and anxiety aside. You don't want doubt to be your first and only response because you will never be happy this way.

Stay persistent and keep trying to make your life into what you above all wish for it to be. Aria Gmitter, M. Find her on Facebook for more.

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Follow Us. Sign in. Aria Gmitter. Expect expansion on the work front to buoy up your self-worth, and maybe some extra recognition converts to a bonus this week. Generosity, diligence, and self-belief on the work front will pay off for you, Cancer. On Sunday, Mercury joins the lineup of planets in Leo, further enhancing your inner material girl, so expect creative money-making ideas and to be paid for your abilities. Welcome an opportunity for healing around career or your public image this week. Make like the Roaring Twenties and Charleston your way through the rest of August.

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  7. This week headlines with a couple of golden cosmic hookups as fate downloads fortune right onto your lap. Turn up your wattage to dance, prance, and shake out your feelings.

    Horoscopes For Today, Friday, August 30, For All Zodiac Signs In Astrology | YourTango

    This is a lucky week for you, especially Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, so take any chances that come your way. Romance is particularly favored, so why not make Friday night date night and go all out? Hit the town with your pride. Leo season continues to light up your mystic zone, this week connecting it to your domestic zone. Starting Sunday, Mercury strides into Leo, further suggesting the need to get in touch with your thoughts, so be sure to carve out plenty of me-time.

    Monday starts off with the moon in your sign, making it a superb day for connecting with someone important. Tuesday to Friday are particularly beneficial days, so schedule meaningful dates then.

    Horoscope For Today, Friday, August 30, 12222 For Each Zodiac Sign In Astrology

    Tuesday is a power day if you need to shine or lead in a group, while Thursday might drop a pretty face right in your path as Lady Luck smiles her good fortune your way. Help her out by saying yes to any promising invitations. On Sunday, Mercury joins the stellar lineup in Leo, which means your social life is still on fire. Expect a lot of movement, talk, and fun—and maybe some fabulous new connections.

    Leo season brings the shine at work, amplifying the wattage of your public profile.

    Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope For Singles

    Tuesday is a power day for you, so plan any presentations or schedule important meetings then. The moon in your sign Tuesday to Thursday encourages deep connection as well as personal motivation. Push on and develop plans. Finally, Mercury leaps into lively Leo, adding the gift of the gab to your career sector.

    Speak your truth while you hold the spotlight all week. Healing to your creative self or inner child is highlighted this week, so anything you can do to tune in and allow it will feel rewarding. Helping others who are going through trials you recognize brings its own reward. On Thursday, an expansive romantic experience—maybe meeting someone important with an accent—may broaden your horizons, so maintain eye contact and say hi. The moon will be in your sign, after all—every cosmic bit helps! Eclipse season threw shade on your sign—it might have been a little dark for you these last few weeks—but the sun shines again.

    There have been a few weeks of sizzle in your sex and intimacy zone, and it only gets hotter on Tuesday, so plan ahead. Lady Luck brings the feel-goods if you follow your intuition and act on faith. This could mean a profitable partnership. Your talents and leadership skills are in hot demand, so be discerning about merging forces professionally. Thursday is an exceptional date night—just make it super private.

    Set your dial to summer sizzle. For the coolest sign of the zodiac, your partnership zone is on fire.