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Exalted Mars in her ascendant is creating Ruchak Yoga.

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Sania Mirza is famous Indian Tennis player who started her tennis career in and in she was awarded with Arjuna Award by the Govt. Presence of so many great yogas, including Malavya yoga, blessed her with early success in his sport career.

Malavya yoga for Taurus:

Indira Gandhi. Venus is placed in Taurus zodiac sign in tenth house of his vedic astrology horoscope, has conferred almost all results of Malavya yoga present in vedic astrology horoscope of Shri R K Dhawan.

Horoscope of Jayalalitha and tejywamesa.mlnidhi

The conjunction of debilitated Ketu with Venus, however, has diluted some of the positive impact of the great Malavya Yoga. One of the most powerful woman in the world, Smt. Sonia Gandhi has Venus in fourth house of her vedic astrology horoscope. Venus is placed in its own zodiac sign Libra and also united with benefic Jupiter. There are no other influences on this most auspicious union of planets in her vedic astrology birth chart. Vedic Astrology Horoscope of Sania Mirza In this vedic astrology birth chart, Venus is placed in its own zodiac sign Libra in tenth house.

Jayalalithaa Jayaram Tamil Nadu chief minister kundli(vedic Horoscope)-2016 Forecast

The Cancer having the Atamakaraka of Jayalalitha shows the period of dangers. The Cancer sign is also 8 th from the Karakamsha Aquarius which shows serious health issues for Jayalalitha in coming years. The pending court cases against Jayalalitha may result into an unfavorable judgment from the apex court.

She may have to once again resign from the post of chief minister in the first half of The Jupiter is in its sign of debilitation and the sub period lord Saturn is in its inimical sign. Both Jupiter and Saturn are giving aspect to the 8 th house which shows the chances of political scandals, strife and instability in the state.

Karunanidhi and his son M. The Venus is a functional malefic for Cancer lagan chart. The Rahu is in the 2 nd house a Maraka house.

469-𝐒𝐮𝐛 𝐥𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐒𝐩𝐞𝐚𝐤𝐬 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐈𝐈𝐈 Chart-21- tejywamesa.mllitha- Marriage

Karunanidhi will be under Venus-Rahu period till 10 May The transiting Saturn will move into Sagittarius Dhanu on the 15 th of February. The Sagittarius is the 8 th house from his natal Moon in Taurus. The Capricorn having his Atamakaraka Mars shows a period of danger for his longevity. The Capricorn is also under the Jaimini aspect of Ganatikaraka Sun which is not a good sign. The year would be bad for the health of Karunanidhi and he will be forced to take retirement from active politics due to the critical illness. The horoscope of M.

Stalin is of Vrischik Karka lagan. The Moon is in Kemadruma yoga at his 10 th house as it has no planet on the either side of it. A Kemadruma Moon makes a person feel lonely and helpless in many situations. Both Saturn and Venus are functional malefics for Scorpio lagna chart.

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The period of Saturn-Venus or Venus-Saturn usually bring very important changes in life in an enigmatic manner. The Stalin is expected to take over the baton of DMK in his hand in year Jupiter mahadasha Saturn bhukti until April 5th, will be painful and challenging for her as the mahadasha lord Jupiter has a connection with Bhadhaka and Maraka house, and 12th house.

Bhukti lord Saturn has a connection with the 8th house of punishment, and fine. Traditional Vedic Astrologers had predicted that will be an excellent year for Ms Jayalalitha as Jupiter is very strong in its own sign in Sagittarius in the 7th house. I cannot believe even the personal astrologers to Ms Jayalalitha could not see this downfall coming at the end of Now she is going to try for bail on Tuesday October 7th, just a day before the eclipse.

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In my opinion it will be difficult for her to get bail in this month of October, because her lagna lord Mercury has already become retrograde and it will came back to Virgo and will be afflicted by its conjunction with Rahu, and we have two eclipses this month. She may get bail after facing lot of obstacles. There is a better chance of getting her bail in November when mahadasha lord Jupiter will not be aspected by Saturn, rather Jupiter will be aspecting bhukti lord Saturn, and ascendant lord Mercury will be transiting in Scorpio where it will be aspected by Jupiter.

The planetary transits will be favorable for her between November 2nd this year and July next year as Jupiter and Saturn by transit will be good. Ms Jayalalitha can expect some lucky period between September and October when Jupiter will be transiting Libra sign and will aspect the natal Mercury in Aquarius, while she will be in Mercury Bhukti in Jupiter mahadasha. As Mercury, her ascendant lord is the best planet in her astrology chart.

But again the Jupiter mahadasha is very evil for her as Jupiter is the Badhaka and Maraka planet for her and also has a connection with 12th house lord Venus. As I mentioned the bail will be difficult, so Jayalalitha's bail was rejected by the Court. But as I mentioned before, the Jupiter mahadasha will be difficult and challenging.

The Saturn bhukti will be very difficult. I was right about difficult time in Oct for Jayalalitha, and I also mentioned that she may get bail after facing some obstacles this month.

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The mahadasha of Jupiter and Bhukti of Saturn are both evil, and they indicated bad results. But please understand her lagna lord Mercury is very strong as I have explained in my article. When the lagna lord Mercury is strong and she has some other very strong planets such as Rahu, Mars, Moon etc, the person will overcome the obstacles. It appeared to me that she will not get bail. But when I looked at the strength of the lagna lord Mercury and other planets, I also added in my article that she may get the bail after facing lot of obstacles.

This is what has happened in this case.

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First the bail was denied by the lower court, then later granted by Supreme court. So the strength of the lagna lord and the overrall astrology chart is very important. As I had mentioned that the lagna lord Mercury is a very strong planet in the natal astrology chart and is aspected by two auspicious planets Moon and Mars.